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Underground Drain Repairs without Digging in Barnet, Herts & surrounding areas

A broken underground drain doesn’t always mean digging.

When the pipe is not too distorted or smashed the drain can be lined. This basically is a long fibreglass open ended sock which is impregnated with resin, this “sock” is then fed along the inside of the pipe and a long inflatable (sausage) balloon is inserted to expand the sock and so when the resin has hardened a new plastic pipe runs along the inside of the broken drain.

Customer review from Which?

"Mr Cattanach tried many different methods to clear an old blocked drain which had not been in use for many years. As we suspected he concluded it was probably a structural block/collapse and so he advised on some simple remedial work to bypass it. He also spent a lot of time helping us find the inspection chamber which had been lost under soil for many years. I would certainly recommend him."
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