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We are Qualified Engineers and Pest Control Technicians

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Blocked Drains & Drainage Problems in Muswell Hill

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We are qualified engineers and Pest Control technicians in Muswell Hill. For problems, solutions, new installations and rat infestations call 020 8440 6502.

Preventing Rats from your Drains in Muswell Hill

Being a qualified pest control techician and piped services engineer we can offer a combined service of point of entry location and eradication. With our CCTv cameras we can locate and then seal off any points within your drainage system where rats are exiting and entering your property and then use the correct method to eradicate those remaining.

Pressure Jetting Drains in Muswell Hill

Pressure Jetting is the quickest and most effective way to unblock an underground drain between man holes.

Not only does it break up the blockage but clears the pipe of fat and solidified soap powder when combined form that now named “fat burger”.

For blocked drains in Muswell Hill call 020 8440 6502 or 07831 290 164

Prices for Drain Services in Muswell Hill:

For an external blocked gully drain our prices start from just £60.00, if just a “plunge” is required (and that’s all you’ll get from other contractors for a similar price).

The £80.00 Service:

£80.00 is charged if the job is completed within half an hour of arrival and does not require jetting the block is of a standard nature with one manhole blocked (applies Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-1pm), does not apply to card or cheque payments, commercial properties or if inappropriate objects/material is causing the blockage and must be requested by the customer before work commences.

Normally for jobs consisting of 2 or more blocked manholes, or problems enroute to the main sewer the price is £90.00 – £120.00 providing the job does not require the removal of inappropriate objects.

Callouts or appointments made after 1pm on a Saturday or all day Sunday attract a higher rate of £120 for the first hour, jobs normally take 40-50 mins unless there are other issues.

Appointments mean an arrival time requested by the customer.

We aim to keep these as fixed prices and not run up costs based on multiples of a half hourly rate.

We do not charge VAT as we are a small business.

Definition of Inappropriate Objects/Material. Bricks, rubble, stones, material made wipes, and other items made with liquid absorbing material such as cotton wool and padding.

The cost of a CCTv inspection (if we recomend and carried out at time of visit for blockage; and there is a genuine problem) is deducted from the invoice of a job and you employ us to carry out the remedial work.

You can also find us on www.YouMayNeedUsOneDay.co.uk, a website for sameday domestic emergency services.

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